Recurrent Miscarriage

Maternal “Immune Tolerance”

Maternal “Immune Tolerance” does not increase the risk of pregnancy infections.

One of the immunological questions concerning the obstetrician’s mind is the so-called ‘tolerance’ of the mother towards the product of conception. It is feared that the need to ‘accept’ the foetus will lead to a decrease in the immune system in the mother,

Placental abruption

Medical-legal considerations on a recent case of ‘abruptio placentae with fetal death’ .

I have recently examined a case of birth at the 39th week of pregnancy complicated by diabetes and hypertension, with detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall and death of the fetus. Due to severe abdominal pain,

Morphological Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis of Spina Bifida

Case report: missed prenatal diagnosis of ‘mielo-meningocele’ .

In my experience with prenatal ultrasound diagnoses, I have observed several cases of fetal spina bifida and other neural tube defects, some of which were extremely serious and incompatible with life, such as the condition called ‘craniorachischisis’. I have documented these cases with pathologic slides,

Recurrent miscarriage case report

Message from an unknown patient. 

The low or no efficacy of the drugs commonly used in the therapy of poliabortivity, sadly known to patients suffering from this pathology, is ignored (if not entirely unknown) to specialists and to the drafters of the guidelines. For this reason I thought it useful, if only for the patients,

Recurrent abortion – High Risk Pregnancy S.O.S.

In spite of substantial scientific progress achieved during the past half century, there are still many features of abortion waiting to enter clinical obstetrics. The main pathogenic mechanism of pregnancy failure is still largely ignored or misinterpreted. As a consequence, there is a high and increasing rate of wrongly managed recurrent abortion. The so called ‘guidelines’,